SEO optimized for people not machines.
A people friendly SEO strategy helps you stay discoverable and relevant to the audiences that need you most.
Upgrade your SEO game.
A good SEO strategy is as much about letting audiences learn about you, as it is learning about them.
My SEO Strategy offerings include:
•SEO content optimization
•Conducting website and competitor audits
•Keyword learning and foundation
•Making your website content easier to find and backlink
•Adapting your website tags and url so search engines work for you, not against
•And, if needed, help you get your SSL certification
Who is SEO for?
While I recommend every brand and business develop an SEO strategy, resources aren't always so kind. Businesses, especially local businesses, offering solutions to immediate problems see the most immediate benefits.
Other benefits include:
•Improved user experience
•Improved brand credibility and awareness
•Improved mobile friendliness
•Increased lead generation
•Higher close rates
•Higher conversion rates
•Lowers lead generation costs
•Compliments broader marketing and social media strategy
Let's make your SEO work for you and your audience.
I love helping businesses learn how SEO can help them. Tell me more about your business, your brand, your vision, and I'll help you with the rest.
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