Client: The One Club For Creativity-Inclusion and Diversity Department

The One Club for Creativity saw massive growth in 2018. Its Inclusion and Diversity Department (One I.D.) went from 7 to 11 Creative Boot Camps world wide. That's a 36% workload increase without any growth to their team. There were growing pains.   Are our boot camps effective? What are the expectations we should be meeting? Is there something we're missing? Before we could find any answers, I had to diagnose what was going on.
     I developed their data procedures. Streamlined their data collection efforts and their ability to make sense of it. This allowed us to see how effective their boot camps were at helping their mission. It helped me develop relevant KPIs to continue measuring this performance. Which led to higher efficiency in promotional outreach. 
     One I.D. is now better positioned to master their scope of work. And scale it to match their success.
     Content Strategy and Development
     Data Strategy

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