Client: The New York City Football Club

Two years had passed since the New York City Football Club opened its doors. They were still having trouble filling their seats. Averaging 55% capacity per game. Worst, their ratio of millennials amongst this crowd was negligible. Why were millennial sports fans not adopting this team? And what could NYCFC do to resonate with them?
    A bit of research led me to Alfalfa Studios. The design agency that designed the NYCFC logo. They designed the logo to be a lifestyle symbol. Most American sports teams design  logos to show fandom. Other countries, especially those in Europe and Latin America, design them as way of life. Yes, avid fans own both logo styles. The difference, Alfalfa's design, this symbol, could be owned on anything and anywhere. It was a symbol that added to a person's identity without taking from it. Imagine wearing a Houston's Rockets logo on a business suite. It would take away from the style. Lightbulb.
    My consultation was a simple thought, but harder in practice. The NYCFC had to reflect the spirit of their lifestyle symbol. A lifestyle inspired from abroad, but all American. What they needed to do was foster an American style of Football. Countries with rich football cultures have developed playing styles. This gives them something to own and be proud of. American football teams lacked this. This is why most American fans embrace international players and teams.
    NYCFC has to brand an American football style for Americans to own. This would stir a pride previously reserved for international teams. Giving American millennials not only something to proud of--but to own. Only then would they fill these empty seats.
     Brand Strategy
American style of football must be cultivated for football to catch on in the States.

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