"What you all came up with was brilliant." Gerry Graf, Barton F Graf 9000
"Michael always brought a unique approach to his projects, being able to tie in social truths and culture trends.Frances Smith, Facebook Creative Shop
"He has a strong sense of curiosity and practical skills as a strategist.Michael Chatfield, Facebook Creative Shop
Helping brands be as human as their audience.
Only when a brand understands who they are can they know where they’re going. And when a brand knows where they’re going--an audience follows. I help brands get to this point.
A  brand’s nothing without its audience. But these relationships aren’t easy. They’re marathons. Requiring patience, grit, and authenticity. Most marketers prepare brands for sprints. Expecting brand loyalty without ever proving theirs first. 3 Leches Creative keeps brands running marathons with their audience--when they’re needed most. And that an audience is there to need them.
email: michael@3lechescreative.com
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